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Default Re: Abilify Help Anyone?

I find that medication works better when taken at night. Sleep is a healer after all. But Abilify is supposed to have an energising effect. That is why it is taken in the morning. I have been on most second generation drugs because my diagnosis is schizoaffective. I would argue I am closer to Bi-Polar One affective but fighting the powers that be is not advised as I would like to stay on the nice side of my health care providers. Seeing as I have been on one CTO all ready.
I would like to know what is a tranquilizer dose of Abilify? I was on 15mg before they decided to put me on the dreaded clozopine. As I was on a CTO I felt pushed to try. I could have fought it, I know. I got extreme tachycardia and was transferred to the heart ward. Where I was still fed the clozopine btw while on a drip and being monitored. So I am "sensitive" to clozopine. I genuinely could have died because of clozopine. Not from leucopenia which you get regular blood tests for, as in every two weeks for six months. But from heart failure. All the drugs are heavy acting. Abilify seems to be quite safe and does not have the clout of zyprexa or serouel.
I told my friend to try not worry about the long term effects if their current drug is working.
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