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Confused Separation - Financial Issues- Filing Taxes

This is somewhat different than other posts. Basically, my wife is bipolar/paranoid and was so diagnosed. Refuses to take medication, then thought whole world was against her, and then thought I wanted to kill her. Wanted me out, and so I decided I should go before I found myself in that condition upon not waking up one morning. We separated, even though she wanted divorce, because she chooses not to work, and I have to support her for the sake of the kids, who are in grade and high school. I could have insisted on the divorce she filed for, but then kids lose private school, and gets forced out of childhood home. I didn't want that, though by not insisting on it I have lost many hundreds of thousands of dollars. I pay all, private school tuition, her mortgage, and also support. Since health insurance would be another $1,000 a month, I let her stay married until I find someone. I must remain married for 2 years. Kids are with her since she is normal 95% of the time, and so there was no way to remove custody (and that would have also hurt the kids, since they are mostly bonded to her--since she didn't work). I'm not a saint, but since I kind of like my kids, I am trying to do what is best for them. Ok, so what's my question? She had an accountant for a few decades. We still filed jointly. He just resigned now, though, because of perceived conflict of interest. Filing joint saves tax money. However, I don't want her to know all my financial matters. For example, an apartment I regained full title to by giving her even more of my 401k money I just sold. She will go psychologically whacko if she finds out, and once again I and the kids would have to bear the brunt of her illness for some time. I'm not sure exactly where it gets disclosed in forms, and there should be no gain since I acquired via life estate from a deceased parent, recently, but if a new accountant brings it up, she will find out. What to do? Makes no sense (and probably not rational- and also she will wonder) to have two accountants, one for her and one for me, for a joint filing. Besides costing more money.
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