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Originally Posted by piggy momma View Post
How many of you take Ambien for sleep? How does it affect you? I want to share with you a very scary experience I just had with it.

I had been taking it since the middle of October pretty much every night. It made me sleep really, really well. A little too well. I did not research the drug prior to taking it, which is very unlike me, but for some reason I just assumed it was safe.

It is not!

Last week, after I took some Ambien and went to bed, I posted some horrifying things on our internal company website at work. I work for a national airline. I had no idea I did this until this past Monday when I received a call from an investigator. I was being investigated and had to attend.

I had no idea I had done this. I had no recollection of doing it. They did not have a copy of it, because apparently I removed it before they could secure a copy. But they told me the wording as it came through the whistleblower line and there was no disputing it.

I could have lost my job. Eleven years with a perfect record, never been called in for so much as a late. An Ambien could have ended all that.

Ambien is NOT safe for everyone! If you experience it's amnesic properties, PLEASE see your doctor immediately.

I have since learned that Ambien is actually frequently used as a date-rape drug. People have also committed horrific crimes while asleep, only to wake up in jail or the hospital, not knowing what they've done. Ordinary people like you and me.

I have disposed of ALL the Ambien I had. I will never put it in my body again. NOTHING is worth the hell I went through this week, worried about my job, house, school, my relationship with my therapist. Never again.
Like all drugs one size does not fit all. I have taken a higher dose of ambien without any side effects for years very successfully. For me it was the perfect drug. I have not heard about the date rape aspect. As you know there are many meds for sleep so have an educated discussion with your doc.
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