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Default Re: When you know you're with the wrong person

Originally Posted by 2daffodils View Post
I so wish I had taken this advice sooner. I stayed with the bf today. He's asked me to hide his last bit of weed for him before so he has some for the next day. He was sleeping after he had his joint. He's depending on me because he irresponsibly changed his snow tires and they started to come off last weekend. I've offered to help him get groceries and take and pick him up after work because he had his car towed and wrecked the threads on the tire rods. He was so irritated today because he's financially in trouble because he wants his car fixed.

I believe he stole my wallet. I know where I left it. There's no other explanation. I reported it stolen. He's acting like he knows nothing. But I've lost all my identity. I think he did this but he can become really physical and I won't accuse him. It wouldn't change anything anyways. It's reported as an "occurence"... the police can do nothing. I'm feeling so horrible. So like I have had enough of life. Did he honestly take the one thing I need? Money and identity? At least my bank card and credit is frozen, I made sure of that.

Please don't judge me tonight. I can't take anymore.

No judgement, but please break up with him. It's FAR better to be alone than with a total A-hole. If he stole your wallet, or if you even suspect he did, you can never trust him.
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