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Originally Posted by jaymoq View Post
I was raised to put others before myself. Think of their feelings and wants and to ignore my own. Obviously this led to a host of issues for me on a personal level. I have learned to care for myself now. But I still feel this obligation or responsibility to and for others.

I am in a relationship with a wonderful man, but he has a host of health problems. He does not work currently as a result of them. He refuses to go see a doctor (although that was what he told me he was doing) and after he stopped smoking because he knew it bothered me (and exacerbated his condition), I found out heís been sneaking for the last few weeks.

He told me itís his body. He can do what he wants. And thatís so true. I have no right. But because it makes his condition worse, because he wonít get medical help, i havenít been going on hikes or riding my horses or any other physical activity. Even when I go on walks at night, he gets upset because I go without him. Itís been 6 months since the condition got this bad and I have basically become a recluse, doctoring him and caring for him.

However seeing that heís started smoking again and knowing how much worse this makes it, I think Iím done. Not necessarily with our relationship but with my need to put him first. If he wonít put himself first, then I shouldnít. I think I need to start going out. Hiking. Riding my horses. Living my life. We are in a relatively open relationship anyhow so what comes is what comes. But I canít care more for him that he does. Meanwhile heís told me Iím a nag and im crazy to the point Iíve started having to take my antidepressants again which Iíd actually been able to decrease the dose on before this all happened.

His health is really impacting our relationship but I think Iím giving it that power. I canít want him to be healthy more than he does.
You're a nag and he has said you're crazy? Now you have to take anti-depressants because of how he treats you???

I don't like the sounds of that. No one should EVER call their partner crazy. That is a put-down and is VERY disrespectful.

I am glad you've decided to put your own needs first, but honestly, this man sounds hopeless. He won't see a doctor when he has health conditions? He can't exercise and gets upset when you do on your own? He is smoking again, on the sly despite his condition?

Sorry, but why do you want to be with someone who seems the opposite of you? Given your own health routine, you seem like you want to take care of yourself and he doesn't want to care for himself at all. Just wondering why you even want to be with someone who appears to be dragging you down. I don't like that you have to be on anti-depressants because of HIM. That is not a good sign at all for the health of the relationship.
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