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Default Re: Help with hoarding

Originally Posted by hvert View Post
Wow, good luck with the move prep! That sounds like a great motivator.

I am struggling. 6 years ago I decided to redo a room. I moved all the furniture into another room and hall, making those spaces unusable. I never finished the room. When my father died this year, I moved a bunch of his stuff into that half finished room for sorting.

So now I have a half finished room that has so much stuff in it I can't finish it. The room I moved all the furniture into - you can't even walk through it. There isn't even a path. I have stuff on my list like 'finish redoing room' but where am I supposed to put this stuff? It's so overwhelming. I wish I had finished the room shortly after I started.
I feel the same way! That is like my bedroom closet.
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