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Default Re: New here, polyfragmented, no host

Originally Posted by manyinsiders View Post
Thank you everyone
For the welcome
I would be interested to hear from those
Who donít agree with poly fragmented DID or the structural dissociation theory as well.

it isnt that we dont agree with this therapy model. its that times have changed and with it definitions, diagnostics, mental disorder labeling.

a brrief rundown on the history of this word poly fragmented...

it began as a "therapy model" that treatment providers used as a way to chart anyones personality. it didnt matter whether someone had DID or not.

Its called a therapy model not a disorder.

example it is like CBT or DBT or IFS,

it is not a type of DID or depression or bipolar or schizophrenia.

but somewhere along the way down history some people who are DID started referring to this .........therapy model.......... as being a kind of DID/MPD rather than a therapy model.

this caused a lot of problems in people because the therapy model prioritizes/ maps/ charts. some people with DID got highly upset. Alters were not being treated like individuals of equal importance, being called things like you are just a fragment, we need to address this ones issues first. you are just a part of that one not a real person, your position in the system is not so important as this suicidal one...wording like fragments ep and anp got thrown around. sorry so and so but this one is just a normal one (anp) ok now you are being too emotional its your Emotional part and bla bla bla....

the result was that this misuse of the therapy model did great harm to people when it was misused as people thinking it was some new type of DID when it wasnt.

now with all the new diagnostics and definitions that went into place back in may 2013 this situation has been solved. there is no such mental disorder called Poly fragmented DID in the whole world now.

the term Poly fragmented has been replaced by a different mental health term now... "less than one" which means the same thing but describes the situaiton more accurately and in a less harmful way...

"less than one" means a person with DID had their whole personality dissociated into many smaller parts. think of it like an apple that has been sliced into 8 different sections. each section is in math terms 1/8th of the whole apple.

and now the mental health community is moving back to where poly fragmented / structural dissociation is what it was meant to be... a therapy model used to help clients heal, just like CBT or DBT or any other therapy model.

your treatment provider can explain more about this in detail and why the world is now required not to use the terms as a mental disorder any more.

thank you for asking for input on the other side of this, here is more info on this if you like ....

looking for diagnostic manuals that contain Poly Fragmented DID
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