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Default has anything helped you with fibro (non-NSAID)?

I am sick of fibromyalgia, really I am.

I think maybe the last class of meds I was on worked better for pain than gabapentin, but they were NSAIDs, and I ended up with a perforated ulcer due to a bacterial infection combined with NSAID overuse. I'm sure I realized those meds were NSAIDs in the beginning, but after you've been taking them some years, you just forget. So I'd take the fibro med, Excedrin for a stress headache, whatever. Nearly died from that ulcer perforating and now will be paying off the hospital bills for 9 years (not kidding). Now no more NSAIDs for life after that ulcer situation, and the rheumatologist has me on gabapentin. I can't say it's been going very well. I have not noticed a difference except the first time she upped the dose. But maybe it was just a better day too, who knows?

I hurt so much, I feel like crying. This pain makes it so much worse when I get depressed (have bipolar).

I just don't know what to do. I do exercise too much (running), but honestly, I can lose myself in my mind in an instant, not feel any emotions or pain. I've tried stretching & yoga, can't lose myself in my mind as easily, can't stick with it. Hard time sticking to walking too, which I am told is the best exercise for it.

Has anything worked for you? Some type of med? Something homeopathic (and affordable)? I have a feeling if I could afford it, acupuncture might help some, but I'm pretty much broke. Vitamins/herbs, anything at all different to your routine or diet? I'm getting desperate, and I normally have a high threshold for pain, but it's been getting worse & worse lately. Is it just a flare? Something that happens with age?
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