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Default Re: Do you feel “unworthy”

I have felt unworthy of love for many years. I am starting to investigate my own case of CEN which has made my life much more difficult and much more meaningless.

I am so thankful that CEN is finally being studied and given its proper place with mental health treatment. For many years I had therapists who seemed to have little idea of what I was talking about and no idea of how to properly treat it.

I am now starting to delve into childhood issues in, hopefully, a more successful way. My issues include a parent who raised me to be their caretaker and treated me almost as a slave. She did not believe in childhood and raised me to be an adult from the start. A parent who did not care about my happiness or success or my future, and who discouraged me from seeking friendship and love and taught me no interpersonal skills so that my life would be centered around her. She was cold and cruel, she did not hug her kids and her style was to always criticize and tear you down; she was a real narcissist who was unapologetic to the end.

Everyday is a struggle that I go through alone. I just do not trust or enjoy the company of other people very much though I am always trying.
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