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Default Re: Gas lighting, deny, deny, denial.

Its all in your mind.
I am not an abuser,
It was David and
You think I am him.
You are the one
Bringing me doon, wooo-man.
Nobody will believe
You over me.
You don't want to leave,
It is your true colours,
Your coming the c^nt.
I never said you were a sluttt.
You were drunk.
Your mind was
Playing tricks on you.
I am fine after work.
I barely ever swear.
I never said you
Used to be a man.
I never said you
Were a dyk^ either.
Sean says you canna
Get enough of me
And I have to let
You down gently
So I can get mare sleep.
Your mind is
A compulsive liar.
You need help.
You need to speak
To someone fix
Up your heed, hunny bunny.
Then they will
Tell you what a
Good man you
Really have and it's
Aaah in your heed.
You have no proper pals
Left cause you
Were in ward fuking fou-wer.
Fowk only speak to you
As they feel sorry for you.
Who will want to
Be friends with you noo.
You need help
To help you see
That the likes of YOU
Will never find another man
That is like me.
I never said that.
I never called you that.
I did not do that.
I did not ask you
To do that, you were dreaming.

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