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Default Re: Correction about us

Originally Posted by manyinsiders View Post
I learned here that I used the term polyfragmented incorrectly.
We have DID. We donít have a single alter who is in control most of the time.
We have a large number of alters.
We meet new alters regularly, we donít know if they are actually new or newly coming forward.
Maybe someone here can help me understand that.
Sincerely, Spice from manyinsiders
I dont see it that you did any thing wrong. you stated in one of your posts you were diagnosed in the 1980's so you were using the term in the way many people did back then.

now that you are dealing with this and many other issues here in 2018 you will be finding many things, diagnosis's, definitions, all kinds of good stuff have been changed for the better.

As you learn new ways and everything that has happened in the mental health side since 1980, it may seem overwhelming and all. Just take it one step at a time and remember you have not done anything wrong. time just continued to move forwards and things change..

just a weird thought..... I once saw this made up movie about this family who lived for decades in a underground bunker because they thought a war or the end of the world was going to happen. then the day to go back to the surface came and the now grown son comes up to the surface and sees that things have changed and he has to adjust to this new world of changes.

sometimes DID is like that. life outside us continues on when we sometimes
dont realize it and one day we sort of wake up and get hit with a whole new world of changes.

you will be learning lots of new things here on psych central, as everyone around the world posts about their selves, whats what in their parts of the world and with in their selves.
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