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Default Re: Ambien

Ambien is a very powerful drug It kicks in almost immediately and you get mild euphoria and hallucination sometimes.
The thing about this drug is that you build up the tolerance really quickly, and you have to take more and more to get the same effects.
Taking more than the recommended dose or drinking alcohol with it can be extremely dangerous.

I've learned this the hard way I have texted my friends complete gibberish and called my mom asking to help me and I have no recollection of doing that. Some people will eat or shop on Ambien.

I still take them - now that I have more experiences with it I don't do those crazy things.
To be honest though, I secretly chase the feeling of when I first got high off of it (I thought I could touch the wall that was at lease 5 ft away because it felt like it was right there. It was the craziest thing).
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