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Default Re: can i get disability

Originally Posted by gerbil46 View Post
I have can't concentrate,keep pace,come to work and be on time,emotional outbursts,cant follow simple instructions per note judge based on what I told case manager could be pulled out of files. I had counselor was discharged 12/2016 doing better and she moved. I have anxious about not being fast enough and drawer coming up short in notes. I have paranoia and hospitiklizarion July 2016 seeing man underneath sofa and people toching me in slep. I have general paranoia 2017 large crowds. I have paranoia Jun 2018'seeing a man underneath sofa and following me around town
I have manageable paranoia that had gotten worse. I have July 2016 notes I need help activities of daily living many. Since then said foul fold clothes wash dishes but since then gotten worse and pace all say and write letters Dr forget to give her. Can I win disability?
we cant tell you i f you can win or lose disability. thats for you and your social security office to say.

what I can tell you is that since your location is in the USA you are free to apply, anyone in the USA can .........apply .......... for disability at any time. then after social security processes your application you will receive a letter from social security telling you if you are awarded disability or if you are denied disability.

my suggestion contact your nearest social security office, they will be able to answer any questions you may have about this.
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