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Question Re: "Gay" and Hating It

Originally Posted by Skeezyks View Post
Hello hopelesslyunsatsfyd: I noticed this is your first post here on PC. So... welcome to PsychCentral. One additional forum, here on PC, that may be of interest would be the relationships forum.

You asked if you should go back to the drawing board or pursue the girl you like. I'm not sure I know what going back to the drawing board would entail. It might not be a bad idea to spend some time processing all that has happened with you in your young life with the help of a skilled mental health therapist. Romantic relationships are complicated enough without having to carry baggage from years past into them. That said, though, if there is a particular girl you like, certainly do go ahead & see if there's the possibility there for a relationship. Why not? At some point, either with this young lady or another, you may feel the need to disclose some of what you experienced in the past. But that time has not come yet. This is one way in which working with a therapist might be helpful though.

P.S. May I also suggest you consider introducing yourself to the general membership over on our new member introductions forum? Here's a link:
Thank you very much. I'm reading through your links and appreciate the response and advice.

Is it appropriate here to cross-post to the relationship forum? Or delete this and post it there instead?

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