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Default Trigger Warning New way to Unravel

On my journey I learned to unravel and after a dissolved marriage of 13 years I understand my devastating diagnoses of dissociative identity disorder and post traumatic stress disorder to be step in the right direction. My alter types ultilize body memories just for pleasure and way to meditate in a comfortable way with those on my team that I love to say hey thank you. When I find the right one then we will enjoy together. Bisexual and hypersexual is not bad terms they are to be accepted and loved. Any time there is orgasms and reliving of varied traumas during my younger years and preteen then you are suppose to acknowledge those you can as pleasure then you suffer those you suppose to relive as truly traumatic event. Whatever the stance on the issue it truly is room to talk about it have a sane intelligent convo instead of invalidating and think this journey is for the extremely covert. It truly isn't there is nothing wrong with a journey that says we are having less sex abstinence and using masterbation at certain time. There is nothing wrong with saving it. We all learned in high school sex isn't to solve all of lives problems that is very shallow thinking. So I leave with this consider all the term they put out there, so basically the journey should be about a complete understanding good bad and indifferent not about bulling....
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