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Originally Posted by DechanDawa View Post
Do you send (give) gifts and cards to people who never reciprocate? I send one brother gifts at Xmas but he never sends me any back. However, throughout the year he sends me little I think it is a balance.

I send another brother and his wife Xmas cards and gifts and he has NEVER reciprocated so I am trying to take him off my list.

It doesn't seem healthy to have a one-way exchange and I am trying to change.

How about you? What do you think?
It hurts, for sure. Does he give cards and gifts to others? My brother and his wife don't reciprocate. But me and my bro have a good relationship for the most part, albeit, a little distant. So I decided this year to send them a card, but not a gift. And be done with it. They have a daughter, whom I do send gifts to, regardless.

At the same time, giving is about giving. Not wanting something in return. But if it feels bad, don't do it. Giving, the entire thing, is supposed to feel good.
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