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Originally Posted by BudFox View Post
For me the path to resolving an all-consuming therapist entanglement was:

(a) stop using self-defeating and meaningless terms like "transference"
(b) stop buying into industry propaganda about the need to "work thru" something that was conjured up therapy itself
(c) recognize the insanity of the process generally... developing strong feelings of any kind toward a virtual stranger and professional actor
(d) trust myself to sort out what happened

Also, I think just because people can extract a handful of insights or have some pleasant feelings during this process does not make it a good thing, on the whole, nor does it justify that existence of the process.
I agree with this.

I tried to work through “transferences” for many years but my feelings only intensified. I became a full blow therapy addict - complete with compulsive emails, inability to tolerate vacations, constant preoccupation with my therapist, ‘crazy’ responses and reactions, and pretty much total mental deterioration.

The only thing that worked for me was removing the source of my addiction - my therapist. The endless torture stopped but a part of me feels irreparably broken and violated by therapy.
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