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Default Re: Panic attack caused by Xanax?

I took benzos for years. I never had bad side effects, and never had to increase the dosage. When I switched insurance the new doctors refused to prescribe benzos. That's why I ended up here on PC. I was trying to figure out what happened.

Some people don't do well on benzos and some people abuse them, I guess. Now the rest of us have to pay the price. This worked well for my anxiety and since then my anxiety has been an ongoing issue.

Like lucami I get severe side effects on anti-depressants. I am now on no drugs. I take the herbs passion flower and valerian...but both are sedating.

Lucami, I am glad you are feeling better. I responded because when you posted you seemed freaked out and I know how that is. I had panic attacks when I quit smoking cigarettes and it was horrible!!! I actually cured myself using guided meditation CD's I took out of the library. But I did it pretty extensively...about three hours a day. Finally the panic attacks subsided but I still battle anxiety.

Best of luck, Lucami...hang in there!

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