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Default Re: Panic attack caused by Xanax?

Nammu I'm NOT addicted benzo NOT used to benzo I DON'T abuse benzo and the most importantly it DOESN'T make me feel smooth. I'm freaking scared of being addicted to anything and losing control to the point I never even got drunk in my life. I just started to take this damn Xanax as psychiatrist told me to because my anxiety and panic is so strong the whole freaking time I'm not able to do anything. At first I was supposed to take whole pill at morning and afternoon. Tried it once only because it knocked me so strongly I couldn't function at all, slept half of a day, and on the next day I had strong problems with vision. So I called my doc and he told me to take half of a pill twice a day but still felt bad so half of a pill once a day. My problem is this **** is not working for me at all, it gives me completely opposite effect. Im supposed to be on psychotherapy session right now but I didn't go because of damn panic and I'm crying I'm scared and angry and hate my life and all of this freaking meds for just not working at ****ing all
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