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Default Re: looking for diagnostic manuals that contain Poly Fragmented DID

Originally Posted by kecanoe View Post
This is a link to an article in the Boston Globe that raises the question about using only DSM criteria for diagnosis. It suggests that the DSM criteria are mostly based on white western thought and culture, and that the same symptom (in this article a man who describes feeling like there are bugs crawling under his skin) could be diagnosed as anxiety or schizophrenia/psychosis.

How culture shapes your mind and your mental illness - The Boston Globe
Culture, it says, can make a huge difference in diagnosis: and it defines culture differences as being not just skin color or country of origin, but also things such as sexual orientation, age, profession, technological immersion and some other things.

Like others on these lists, my Ts have used different diagnostic codes for billing insurance and perhaps in their notes. All of them have had access to my full psych evaluation but they don't use the same codes. I think I have seen CPTSD (which I think isn't listed in DSM anymore, but it is still on my insurance billing), Alcoholism (I've been sober over 30 years), Depression, including treatment resistant and MDD, Mixed personality disorder, and DID. I think there are some others as well. I say this because mental health diagnosis is tricky, people often disagree, and symptoms overlap quite a bit in the DSM-V. And then there is that the DSM does change, disorders are eliminated and added with each revision. So I don't think that it is completely accurate.
thank you but in this thread I was not looking for articles. my personal research was looking for "diagnostic Manuals" around the world that contained this therapy approach as an actual mental disorder.

Example the DSM lists disorders called DID. PTSD, Bipolar Disorder...... and other recognized mental disorders.

I was looking for ..............diagnostic manuals............. that stated there was a .............mental disorder............. called PFDID.

after contacting american embassy's around the world I discovered there is no..............mental disorder........ called PFDID.

if you can find somewhere in the world an ...........actual diagnostic manual that states there is a ..............Mental Disorder......;... called PFDID that I may have missed (! have contacted over 180 countries vs the american embassy's around the world) please post it here.

again not interested in articles, blog posts, twitter and such. only looking for the mental disorder PFDID and its diagnostic criteria.
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