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Default Why do some Narcs have so many loyal friends?

Hello everyone. New to this forum and not entirely sure that this is the right place to post, as I donít have NPD, but I do have ADHD and comorbid mood disorders which may predispose me to attracting narcissists like a magnet.

Though Iíve gotten better at recognizing these folks and minimizing my interaction with them before I get sucked into the usual vortex, Iím still getting over one four years after the fact. Iíve come a long way, but whatís really bugging me these days is this:

WHATíS UP WITH THE ENABLERS? This person whoís hurt me and many others has more old, loyal friends than anyone I know. At this point, I just want to find a way to release the judgement and anger I feel for some of our mutual friendsówho are lovely, compassionate, intelligent peopleóand their absolute refusal to call out abusive behaviour. Is it that they canít or wonít see it? Whatever it is, it frustrates and saddens me, as does the fact that heís apparently capable of and willing to show some people love. Hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance for any light you can shine on this.
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