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Default Re: One way Xmas gifts and cards...

Originally Posted by TishaBuv View Post
When I was young, the family used to visit at Christmas. We exchanged gifts and it was fun. (Yes, I am Jewish, long story...)

Then my aunt stopped visiting and didnít want to exchange presents. The tradition stopped. My mom still did it, but it got much smaller. Only my family and the one sister who lived close usually came. We are talking about gifts that were more of a gesture than an expense.

The stopping of exchanging gifts started the ripple that led to the estrangement of the whole family. It would have been better to at least exchange some tiniest effort of cheer to feel connected to family.

Those grinches put the kabosh on the whole family relationship. It wasnít about not being able to afford it. It was just being stingy with love.

The funny thing about my ex is that he used to get really neurotic and depressed at Christmas. I used to joke, "It's not your holiday, don't get bent out of shape." Actually we used to have a lot of fun during the holidays. I would decorate one side of the livingroom in Hanukkah stuff to take pictures for one set of parents. Then the other side in Christmas for the other set of parents.

Yes, I do get your point totally. In my family Thanksgiving was the holiday that completely got ruined. When the entire family got together including six children and four of them insanely wild boys...the roof would just explode. We finally had to abandon Thanksgiving. (Too much booze I think was the culprit)

By the way the Holidays without Church thread got closed. I kind of figured it was heading in that direction.

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