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Default Re: When Do You End A Friendship?

Originally Posted by unfoldingxwings View Post
Yeah. I also saw someone's post on Facebook tonight about not settling for friendships that aren't healthy, reciprocated or satisfying. Why settle for not that good when better people can enter your life? I removed them all from FB and blocked the numbers I had on my phone, because I'm not about drama.

I think....if you are feeling so ignored by your friends that you are depressed and they make you feel like you don't matter...then you need to change who your friends are.

But I'm also not good at making literally have the least amount of friends on FB than anyone else I know. I only have 28. Most of them don't even talk to me/interact with me. I struggle with making friends because I'm not good at opening up. I've been emotionally wounded a lot. In the past it was hard to have and maintain friendships because of my mental illness. I'm in remission now, but I can't seem to form healthy friendships either. It's always the same users and abusers. Where's all the good, healthy people in the world?
That is great advice!
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