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Default Re: One way Xmas gifts and cards...

Originally Posted by TishaBuv View Post
Most of my family was on the Naughty list.
I sent gifts to the few on the Nice list.
Stupid Facebook made rudeness even worse. Now my ‘friends’ do a general post of “Happy (Whatever)” and if I don’t go on facebook, I don’t see it. Like they think they are the Kardashians or something with a following of fans. You either follow them or you are out. They don’t even reach out to me with an email or text. Phooey!

Haha, the Kardashians, that's so funny. A new word for uncontrolled narcissism.

It is actually scary. I absolutely agree with you about people acting like they have a fan base on FB. It used to be funny but now it is just wearying.

I had a high school chum send me a friend request. She did send a message, something like catching up after 40 years. (Truth be told she kind of irritated me in high school and we weren't super close although we hung out together.) When I checked her Facebook account she had over 2,500 friends. Kardashianism strikes! I declined the request.

I can barely stay afloat in the present...I don't have the energy to do life reviews with distant former high school chums. Someone posted a recent photo of my high school sweetheart on FB. In high school he was gorgeous. Like rock star gorgeous. I won't describe the photo on FB but it kind of traumatized me! It's like FB ruined my innocent memories. FB is psychologically damaging. I stay off of it.

You are not alone. You have had some awful people and traumatizing family situations in your life. I think spending time with you would be fun. You are such an elegant witty lady. You see things as they are and you are refreshingly honest. Happy New Year and may 2019 bring you some positive light and love.

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