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Red face Re: Mini-binge and hunger

Eat a good sized dinner or you will be hungry later in the evening I am also trying to cut back with the carbs.But I am not going crazy over it. I had chicken with chick peas in a brown gravy/sauce that I added hot sauce to spice it up a bit. then we had cauliflower with corn and I did not eat all of the corn or chick peas just until I was not hungry any more. I drank a lot of water and chewed gum to help with the psychological aspects of feeling of not snacking like I used to do.
the almonds were my down fall...I am trying to limit those.I come home usually before dinner and may have a slice of cheese. Might even have a tablespoon of peanut butter. like I said I have to make this work.
I also have 2 squares of dark chocolate 80% after dinner. very satisfying. and can usually stop at 2 but sometimes i have 4.
I am losing weight eating this way.
I see my pdoc tomorrow morning will be interested in what I weighed 3 months ago. I hope that i have lost some weight.
I will tell her that I had gotten up to 187 so have lost a good 10 pounds since nov 1st.
I will be your cheer leader if you want!
We can do this!
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3mg of prolonged release melatonin at night
5mg zyprexa at night

magnesium 1250mg, probiotic, turmeric twice a day,
vit d3 5,000units, calcium 300mg twice a day,
vit c 1000mg, fish oils 1000mg ,co-q10 100mg,
multi-vitamin and mineral, tarte cherry, boswallia.
12 pills at noon
11 pills at night
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