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Default Re: Mini-binge and hunger

Originally Posted by bizi View Post
Eat a good sized dinner or you will be hungry later in the evening I am also trying to cut back with the carbs.But I am not going crazy over it. I had chicken with chick peas in a brown gravy/sauce that I added hot sauce to spice it up a bit. then we had cauliflower with corn and I did not eat all of the corn or chick peas just until I was not hungry any more. I drank a lot of water and chewed gum to help with the psychological aspects of feeling of not snacking like I used to do.
the almonds were my down fall...I am trying to limit those.I come home usually before dinner and may have a slice of cheese. Might even have a tablespoon of peanut butter. like I said I have to make this work.
I also have 2 squares of dark chocolate 80% after dinner. very satisfying. and can usually stop at 2 but sometimes i have 4.
I am losing weight eating this way.
I see my pdoc tomorrow morning will be interested in what I weighed 3 months ago. I hope that i have lost some weight.
I will tell her that I had gotten up to 187 so have lost a good 10 pounds since nov 1st.
I will be your cheer leader if you want!
We can do this!

When you mentioned almonds I was thinking I couldn't do that. I cut out things I overeat...and that's nuts. Peanut butter is out. The dietician said to really limit stuff like avocados and tahini because of high calories. I was eating beans and rice but have cut them out for now. The dietician said just eat more vegetables. Gosh, I am vegetarian...I eat tons of vegetables.

When I started this thread it was about mini binge eating...and now I think that is...emotional eating.

I think Intermittent Fasting is a great tool. Because right at this time is when I do my little binges. I usually would go out and get chips and hummus right about now...or maybe popcorn...or a bagel.

More Christmas cookies are on their way in the mail. I will limit myself to one after dinner with decaf coffee...instead of snacking.

I can see there isn't really any place for snacking.

Cheese is really high in fat so I limit it to just parmesan and cottage cheese. I will overeat hard cheese.

Thanks for everything. I think your Intermittent Fasting tip was the best tip because if you do it right you can't really binge.

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