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Default Re: Mini-binge and hunger

Originally Posted by bizi View Post
almonds and cheese are low carbs and I only try to eat 6 almonds sometimes an ounce which is 22 nuts.
I hate counting calories...this is why this kind of eating works well for me I am hoping to reach 174.9 tomorrow morning.
wish me luck.
bizi this very moment I am eating nonfat yogurt with some roasted pumpkin seeds...because I really didn't eat enough calories at dinner and ... if I start feeling like I am starving ... I know I am in danger of a mini-binge.

The dietician recommended I snack on nonfat yogurt because it is protein and helps hold hunger.

Okay...cheese is low carb but it's high fat unless it is fat free cottage cheese. But hey, you are the one losing you must doing something right!

I love pumpkin seeds instead of nuts and they are high in zinc, as well.

I hate counting calories...but really, as the dietician is all about calories. If you are limiting portions you're counting calories.

To me the idea of eating 6 almonds is torture. I'd rather eat nothing!

Obviously my discipline is weak but I will get there.

Best of luck with your weigh-in. It sounds like you are smashing it.

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