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Default Multiaxial Diagnostic Inventory

Are any of y'all familiar with the Multiaxial Diagnostic Inventory? I found the chart my old pdoc made when he did my intake when I was a teenager, but I can't find the sheet where he wrote out what everything meant. Any clues?? I got some of them figured out. I tried Googling but cannot find much. Ideas on the rest? I thought it'd be fun to see how crazy I was as a teen compared to now because I can't remember much of my teen years.

ADD = add/adhd?
OPP = oppositional?
CON = ?
ALC = alcohol use
SUB = substance use/abuse
DYS = ?
MAJ = ?
IDE = ?
OVE = ?
SEP = ?
PSY = psychotic?
BUL = bulimia?
ANO = anorexia?

Bipolar I | ADD | OCD | EDNOS
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