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Default Re: One way Xmas gifts and cards...

Originally Posted by DechanDawa
....When I see all the beautiful boxes of cards in the stores I really wonder who is buying them.

....The Christmas diaries used to be a big tradition. I never did that but my ex and I used to get a lot of them. We would read them aloud and make fun of them. We also made fun of photos people sent with a few hundred of their relatives.
I work at a large retailer where we are now selling boxed holiday greeting cards and rolls of stamps. Who is buying these? It seems to be the older crowd several generations back.

Regarding the family diaries, yes when I used to get these novels attached to cards, we have shared great laughter over many of these. I to my father, "Did you get so-in-so's card yet?" And we would have a chuckle because life for them was always perfect: the childen extraordinary with great prowess in everything, husband extremely successful, home life and activities unbelievably awesome, and lengthy in your face descriptions of lavish holiday's taken each year. Often these diaries have included far too much information - like their health concerns over the course of the year. Some of these are truly eyebrow raising. Sadly I haven't had one of these for several years.

Oh, in a spot of good news, I received my first greeting card yesterday. There is hope yet!
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