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Originally Posted by KnitChick View Post
Emma, Bill made a very good post, in my opinion. It resonated with me, anyway. What do you think?

In terms of feeling rejected and abandoned, I wonder if looking at it like it is just not the right fit, will soften the blow for you. It's true, when you think about it. Who wants to be with someone who is 25% in, 75% out? I think he's the wrong fit for you too.

You deserve to be with someone who wants to be with you.

thank you for your responses.
the only thing is that i wont find any other suitable man... i am not an attractive kind of woman. i like people who dont like me if you see what i mean. the only possibility for me is online dating... which you know what it is 90% of time. finding someone there is hard and it is still a random relationship with no love no nothing... so why bother. and i just dont want to spend my time getting upset about people on dating sites... i have better things to do. so I guess I just have to learn to be alone... and accept that I will be single forever. it is better to be alone than to be with a random guy who... also... who knows what he is doing behind your back. i am very cautious. i dont want other problems in my life.
learning to be single is hard... but one day I'll end up accepting it.
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