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Default question is there any interest in having an integration forum board

in my thread "integration" betty made a great point that got me thinking.... from her post.........

"A common thing I found all over the internet was the different definitions of what integration is.For example what some consider integration is what I call co-consciousness and cooperation.I was corresponding with someone that told me they had reached full integration yet they were talking about their alters and I asked them"I thought you were fully integrated" and they said they were.That wasn't/isn't my experience at all and our conversations just kind of dwindled until we stopped all contact.

That would actually be an interesting thread topic or interesting for others to discuss in this thread,what integration means to them,what they think it means,etc."

my answer in my thread was no because I wanted to keep that thread a place for those of us who have or are going through the physical and mental process of integration to post about what we went through and learned in the process.

since Betty posted that, I have been considering something...

we dont have a separate board for integration discussions.... things like questions about it, what it means to each of us, our processes, fears about it and so on and what happens afterwards.

I asked Doc john to consider adding an integration sub forum board and I was also wondering what you all thought of this.

please keep this thread on track of whether you feel it would be good to have a sub forum for integration.

my own views is that ...

it will help those going through it feel more freer to post on this issue and going through it, and the after affects of it,

it can be a place for anyone who may have questions or want to discuss this part of DID

and it will prevent that sudden slap in the face some members get when out of the blue a thread gets thrown in about this issue (if we had this new board all threads posts and questions about integration will be in its own board. instead of mixed in with other threads)

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