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Default Re: Am I going about this all wrong?

Originally Posted by alittlelikemusic View Post
I don't get people on here who talk about not being on meds but have experienced severe depression and are still able to get through life and do all these things.

If it's so easy then what am I missing? What magical coping skills help you best?
No-one can answer that question for you. There are no magical coping skills to make all your problems go away. Neither are there medications that make all your problems go away. But those practices and drugs can ease symptoms, provide alleviation of stress, pain and antics, and assist in transitory phases and in living a normal life. Finding your own balance is important.

For me regular activities are most beneficial, as well as breathing exercises, a healthy and manageable diet, and holistic anecdotes. A proper support system helps, as well as internal judgment and ethical reasoning.
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