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Default Re: question is there any interest in having an integration forum board

Originally Posted by Betty_Banana View Post
Well I'm glad you tried.

I feel a little upset about it though,I feel there should be a sub forum for integration whether there's much interest or not.Integration is something that is discussed during therapy for everyone that's DID(I am assuming that's true) and it's not right for it to not seem important enough to be allowed it's own sub forum.

There may not be enough interest right now but I do believe it would be used,especially newcomers that have questions about it.Or for those that just want to discuss it,both good and bad.

Or there should at least be a ''DID success stories" sub forum if nothing else,just like there's "anxiety success stories" ,"autism success stories",ADHD success stories",etc. sub forums.There doesn't seem to be much interest in any of them judging by the activity in them yet they still exist.
I agree with you. but I also understand why right now the word is no not at this time and to continue using the general forum board.

I think of it this way, psych central is free and its bound to take some work to add new forum boards. there has to be a line somewhere in determining how much the servers and such can handle. if theres only going to be two of us posting right now about integration, and a rare question popping in then its probably not worth the money time and labor to build another section into this website.

the way its determined is someone lets doc John know they would like a new forum, then he goes to the forum where the sub forum would be located if one gets approved, (in this case dissociative disorders main forum board) he checks out to see how many posts are about the topic for the new forum board, whether those presently participating in the forum are discussing the topic. if not no board if so a new board is created.

I have no doubt ........someday................ there will be an integration board here just like the garden and teens but until then we make due with what we have we post about integration in the main dissociative board.
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