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Default Re: Mini-binge and hunger

Have to avoid all the cues in the environment to overeat. And the freebies...cookies and free cheese samples at the grocery store add up.

Portions as served to us make us think huge portions are okay. But when you start to calorie count you can see how many calories are in things. A serving is usually l/2 cup of something. Dieting is all about reading labels, too.

One has to "earn" a weight loss of two pounds a week. It won't happen from wishful thinking.

I have had a week of binge-free eating. Just eating low calories. No snacks but I do have some zero calorie small hard candies on hand. Don't want to chew gum.

Gone are bags of popcorn and/or chips with hummus!

Have a "tea tray" set up to make matcha tea or green tea at any time.

Happy with the weight loss this week. Think I have made big strides in behavioral changes. I am still eating Christmas cookies but limiting to one a day with decaf coffee after dinner...which is fine.

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