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Default Re: Decision about holiday gift

In the past I have had a tower of nuts & dried fruits from "Harry & Davids" mailed to the office. I always keep it anonymous as I do not do well with awkward feelings. It is always a tricky issue when it comes to gifts to therapist. I was telling him about the gifts I was buying my personal training clients and he mentioned that it was unethical to get them gifts. I said no it would be unethical for his profession to buy clients gifts.

I am not getting him a gift.
When a child’s emotional needs are not met and a child is repeatedly hurt and abused, this deeply and profoundly affects the child’s development. Wanting those unmet childhood needs in adulthood. Looking for safety, protection, being cherished and loved can often be normal unmet needs in childhood, and the survivor searches for these in other adults. This can be where survivors search for mother and father figures. Transference issues in counseling can occur and this is normal for childhood abuse survivors.
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