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Originally Posted by Anonymous57609 View Post
What is humiliating is my image of myself, of why I allow others to treat me like this by being so childish and immature in my sayings and doings in a body of an adult.
Do you possibly have an undiagnosed & untreated condition?

I WAS married to a guy who prided himself in "I'm a Toy's R US kid I will never grow up"

While staying young & having a desire to continuallt learn & grow is an admirable part of staying young, acting & behaving like a child when one is in their 50's can be an issue.

I was in therapy for major depression & yes, my marriage was a huge contributing factor. So part of my therapy was to have both of us together. My psychologist pointed out at one session that my H (now X-H) had the emotional maturity of a 12 year old while we were both in our 50's at that time.

His only DX at the time was adult ADD.....however it has later been learned that he is actually ASD (autistic spectrum). There are just ways that his brain functions different. Not having it diagnosed & just observing behahiors that created problems in life was & is still difficult now that he has to survive on his own.

I am not suggesting that you have ASD, just giving it as an example of how something undiagnosed & untreated can actually be a root cause for problems we face in life.

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