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Default Re: Daily Check In Thread for those with an eating disorder of any kind #2

Got a few gifts for my daughter and a Christmas meal bag (no meat, but a gift card to a local grocery store) from the church next to her elementary school. The school counselor gave the names of children whose families are in financial distress to the church, and then, if you agreed, you got to go pick out gifts for your child for free as well as the pre-bagged meal. Everything helps at this point. Our finances are in shreds. Though it is getting hard to know just what to even get my daughter. She's not yet a teenager, but she has outgrown most toys. She turns 11 on Friday, which is another added financial stressor, on top of our family Christmas, where we give each of her cousins a gift, and she has 5 cousins.

Did good foodwise today. Had breakfast. Used a gift card to get a mocha (with the whipped cream on top) at Starbucks and a tomato & mozzarella panini for lunch and had all of it. I am needing the calories. I am constantly cold these days. Yes, while today started out near 40 degrees, it's 60 degrees outside now. I'm inside, have the thermostat on 75 degrees and am very cold (though our house was built in the 1960s so it is not insulated as well as newer houses).

Money worries are eating at me though. Especially with my daughter's birthday, the cousins' Christmas gifts, actual Christmas for my daughter. And she outgrew all her sweaters, jackets, and her coat. She actually can wear my coat even though it is somewhat baggy on her (she's very tall), but that then leaves me without a coat. Clothes are so expensive. I never have luck finding stuff her size at Goodwill though maybe now that she fits into juniors size clothing (which they heap in with adult women's clothes), maybe I can find something. I'm doubtful on the coat though. It gets cold enough here that you want a coat, especially for night and early morning, sometimes it freezes or we get snow flurries, but it is not like you need the coat daily during winter either. So buying one is a hassle. Stores will have a few, but not a ton. If you're an adult, your winter coat doesn't get a ton of wear. My coat is at least 7 or 8 years old and possibly even 10 years or older. Coats are expensive. Not the pricey stuff but something of good enough quality that it will last longer than a year and not shrink in the wash or something. Now, I've got the added burden of having to get my daughter a coat or go without one myself. Having no money just really sucks. I'm pretty depressed about that, especially at this time of year.

I have a T appointment in 15 minutes. I need to get ready to go. Luckily, it only takes 5 minutes to drive there.
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