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Default Strange dream about a friend

So, I woke up in the afternoon after a strange dream. I can't recall much of it, but it involved a female friend I used to talk to over the Internet and with whom I'm no longer in touch. In the dream, there were cassette tapes I'd listen to and her voice seemed to come from those. She was being her usual self, nagging and scolding me from holding different opinions, specifically saying she didn't understand me. I also remember listening to one of the tapes and playing a very noisy and annoying song. I'm afraid that's all I remember. I stopped talking to this girl because I couldn't take her aggressive attitude anymore and because of our differences. It just couldn't work. Towards the ending of our friendship I ended up listening to her on the phone for hours on end, she did nothing but complain about her parents and how much her life sucked.
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