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Default Re: Is anyone moderating this forum?

Hi trillionbytes,

Some times in the past I kinda (codependently) took it on myself to refer some posts to the moderators that seemed more appropriate for other forums. What you see now could be worse, believe it or not.

I was shocked when I first started reading articles by therapists in other places on PC and elsewhere about how horrible people with NPD were. It's my suspicion that a lot of the general public have been following their lead.

Some posts remained in the forum and I wondered if the resident NPD's don't like to "tattle tale". Maybe they would rather tackle things head on was my view? So, codependently, as I said, I took it on. I didn't like to do that either, maybe none of my business, but I didn't like seeing those things here. Thought it muddied the waters and perhaps biased the discussion.

My interest in NPD is kinda tangential to my broader in interest in "narcissism" in general and the (healthy) development of a sense of self and identity.

What's your interest in the topic, if you would like to say?
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