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Originally Posted by BlessedCheeseMaker View Post
I have been thinking about this "thing" i have with T i dont know if you would call it a connection. But i discovered earlier this year its not transferable to another T. It felt like very hard work when i went to see another T because my T was obviously having problems in his personal life. I keep wanting to raise this with my T but amount of waving my arms about and repeating the word "thing" seemed to help, he just smiled politely and wanted to know more abou it. I really wish i had more words to descibe these things.

I understand this. It makes me think of what I was trying to describe to my T yesterday where I'd felt a particular connection to him when we discussed stuff with my D's autism. I said he just seemed different in those conversations but didn't know how to explain it. In terms of the stuff with personal life, I've at times noted sadness in the eyes. I remember telling ex-T that I noticed sadness in the eyes of ex-MC, and she said I was very observant (I later learned his wife was dying...) I feel I've noticed some sadness with current T lately but feel weird bringing it up because he's fairly private about his personal life. And just saying "you seem sad" or "You seem kind of darker lately," I don't know how he'd take that. So it's an awkward situation. Just attempting to say I understand what you're talking about.
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