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Originally Posted by RomanSunburn View Post
Thanks for starting this thread!

Have you seen any improvement with your mood after writing down five things you are grateful for everyday for a month?

I am grateful for former neighbors that still send cards at the holidays.
Yes, I have found that my daily lists remind me that there are always things to be thankful for even on very sad days. With the onset of winter (less daylight is hard), I find myself often being thankful for my safe home and warm coat. Things that many do not have.

I'm not suggesting that gratitude is a cure but I do find that it helps. If you try it, I recommend writing down your list in the same notebook/document each day. The next time you're having a dark can pull out your list and remind yourself of all that goodness and hopefully feel better! You can also share/practice with others in your home or workplace...on a day when someone is finding it hard to feel grateful, you can invite them to read someone else's list.
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