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Default How to not cold-turkey meds

I am looking for support in getting off of meds in a non-abrupt way (as the title suggests). The problem is, I've never had a pdoc who has wanted to help me do this. They always have an iron first (I'm exaggerating) and say I can't go off of my meds. This, understandably, is very frustrating. I would venture to guess that there are zero pdocs out there who would want to help me get off my meds. That fact makes me quite sad, as I've wanted to get off of meds for years now.
Is there anything that might help me get off of my meds safely? I have cold-turkeyed them before (quit abruptly) and it has NOT gone well.
Thanks. I just feel like my relationships with pdocs are bad and just center around meds only and never involve a plan of getting off of them.
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