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Sometimes as a integrated person I get asked if I am afraid that my brain is going to create new alternate personalities. my answer is now no. Before I was integrated I did not have this fear. it was just my normal to have alternate personalities, the idea of another new one didnt phase me at all. just had the attitude of same stuff different day for me.

But after my alters were all merged together with me I did wonder about this, my treatment provider explained to me that it wasnt possible for me. I was no longer a 4 year old child with a 4 year olds brain with 4 year olds lack of coping skills. my brain does not have the physical capabilities to do that now. then she reminded me how my alters were created to begin with, all the different physical and emotional elements needed just were not there to do that any more.

then I asked her what about maybe there is someone one there that has n ot been merged yet.

She pulled out my files and we went how certain symptoms both common place and those other accompany symptoms that cant be found on the internet or in books and movies are not continuing to happen. if there was an alter that hadnt been previously merged I would have continued to have all my dissociative commonly known and other accompanying symptoms, I would not have felt everyone was merged or anything like it. in short everything that has been happening since before I was 5 would have continued to happen regardless of whether one alter is integrated or 2 or three, and if there was still more there. since my problems got better not stayed the same there are no undiscovered alters somewhere.
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