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Default Re: Daily Check In Thread for those with an eating disorder of any kind #2

I'm doing well. Today was the last day of classes for the fall semester. I just have to go in next week to take a final exam in my Intro to Social Work class, should be no problem.

Saw my therapist, she's going to update my doctor on my voices and psychotic symptoms to see if there's a weight neutral AP I can take, or one I can take PRN. I hate the term "psychotic" It just has such a negative connotation. So does anything with Schiz in it. My dx is Schizoaffective bipolar. It's great how people are so much more open about depression and anxiety nowadays but there's still a looooong way to go.

Anyway, in regard to the eating disorder, I'm doing pretty good. I have been cooking more and am able to keep away from restricting or bingeing. I see the nutritionist my psychiatrist referred me to next week. That should be interesting.

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