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Default Re: The feeling of falling out of love after the hyper focused courtship

Im sorry your going through this. I hope people can learn from this post. I have had ADHD since I was around 5. Iíve been on medicine for it and itís not the solution.Iím 38 years old and I have 3 kids with 3 different women. I was married for 6years and Iíve been with my youngest sons mother on and off for 14 years. Theirs times when I feel like Iím in love and then theirs times I want to be we someone else. Iíve put so many women through heart aches because of this disease. I want you to know My kids mothers would tell you that Iím the best father they know. My kids always come before anyone. Im telling you this so, you can understand some of the actions that can happen from this disease. Iíve been divorced for ten years and my ex is still waiting for me. I wish I didnít hurt anybody. I feel so bad about the destruction Iíve caused in everyoneís life.I wish that I didnít feel this way. Iíve had 3 different doctors tell me the exact same thing that, to just stay were Iím at and deal with it. If I could give you any advice, itís better that you move on. You donít want to be with someone that will puts you through this type of life. How do you picture your life with kids and a husband? Do you want your kids to have to watch their dad be depressed because he feels trapped? Do you want your kids to have to grow up in an unstable environment? Please, really think about it. There is billions of people in this world. Theirs no reason you canít find someone else and feel even more in love with someone else. We all have choices in life. Our choices dictates how our lives turn out. Please take care.
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