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Default Re: Not trans, but I hate my breasts?

Originally Posted by FantasyNut78 View Post
Why would you not embrace who you are? You're a female you have breasts for a reason. It's who youare. Accept your gender and be proud of your body? Why do you feel ashamed you have breasts? Women have breasts for a reason and that is to feed babies with milk. Also Men like breasts because it's an attraction and it's just your chest? Are you just perhaps not comfortable with your size of the breast or do you have strange feelings about who you are? In fact not liking your breasts is probably a normal reaction. I don't think you're crazy. I have a theory you just are tired of bras. Women are sick of bras and maybe that's why they are sick of having breasts for a reason? You should be proud that you are beautiful inside and out. Be who you are and accept who you are. Everyone comes in shapes and sizes. Nobody is perfect. It's the same way when some guys who feel ashamed with their body size and they have no body built muscles or a big package like most guys do. You're not alone. Be brave and don't be ashamed of your chest. Your chest reminds you that you are a woman and you're made to appreciate your whole self as a woman.
She didn't say she feels ashamed. She says she feels uncomfortable.
I get it. My boobs are terribly large and sensitive. I HATE WHEN THEY ARE TOUCHED.HATE IT. I actually have to cover them up when i take a bath. I'm not sure what its about but girl i feel you!!
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