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Blush Re: hey im finally going

Originally Posted by raging vortex View Post
to build a bear

on friday

and i'm going to build a paw patrol bear

and they get you to kiss the heartbeat and i'm going to kiss the heartbeat mwa

I love bears

build a bears

arn't they cute

who has a build a bear

do you like it

We got given bears from charity shops; then I rescued some bears, big ones, medium-sized ones, sad ones, happy ones, black ones, orange onez... Once a long time ago we bought two new ones but mostly they get rescued by us or rescued for us. Now we have a rule when we see sad bears = "no promises" because we gotta move house and all our rescued bears now want bear girlfriends.

So t'would be complicated for me to build a bear and I's not so sure about the heartbeat. Tell me how it goes, did you like it, what is paw patrol? I's not in yur country so things are difrent.

Hope you both had popcorn, ice creams and went to a movie together!!!

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