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Default KnitChick's Follow Through Thread

Hi. So I have struggled with following through with social things (in the past, currently, and I'm only assuming in the future as well, lol).

This issue, and how bad or good it gets is something that ebbs and flows. There have been times where it wasn't really an issue (For like a few weeks in October, I was following through with everything! It was awesome!), and there are times, like currently, when it's just been difficult to get myself to do the stuff I know will 1.) make me feel connected, 2.) bring me chances to meet people, make friends, etc, 3.) make my life more interesting and engaging, 4.) give me something I need (anti-loneliness antidote), and 5.) give me a feeling of accomplishment, pride, etc.

My goal is to follow through with the social things I choose to do, such as: knitting group, meet up groups, meditation group, as well as other things I choose along the way.

This is not going to go smoothly, lol. I can tell you right now you're not going to see ribbons and banners in each post of like "woohoo I went to another thing! go me!" You will sometimes see that though too, not gonna lie.

For a while, I've been "trying to figure it out." Like "Why." Why do I do this? I'm not sure that's really helpful though. Not as much as "How." How can I get myself to do these things despite feeling initial resistance? How can I get myself to not act on that resistance? How can I follow through, instead?

Everyone is different, and some people do not experience this at all and don't even know what I'm talking about. This is my developmental and cellular make up though. And it is my personal challenge.

Join me on my journey, won't you? I'm open to support, ideas, thoughts, hugs, likes, etc. The idea of people just reading and not saying anything is so awkward, but I also assuming that's what will happen most actually, lol.

See you in my next post.
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