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Originally Posted by downandlonely View Post
I get what you mean KnitChick. Often I don't want to leave the house, but usually when I do I feel better. It's getting over that initial inertia that's tough. What I have found helps is making plans where it's important that I be there.

For example, I volunteer teaching English as a Second Language. It's a commitment. If I don't go, there would be no class. I also teach Sunday school at church. Same issue there. I sing in the choir at church sometimes (I mainly joined to force myself to go to church). But actually that doesn't always work, because I'm not an essential part of the choir. They can easily sing without me, so often I don't go.

It's also hard for me because public transportation is not good in my city. I have a car, but when I am feeling too depressed and anxious, I have trouble focusing enough to drive. Driving actually becomes dangerous at that point. But now that Uber is common here, if I don't feel safe to drive, I take Uber instead and still get out.

Just sharing what works for me.
I can relate to what you are saying, too. The word inertia feels right for me. It is very hard to get myself moving once I'm in my apt.

I've been experimenting on and off with getting myself to do stuff. And sometimes its harder, sometimes its easier. I just exercised for 20 min to a workout video. It helped with my mood. It was so hard to get myself to do it. But I bribed myself and also reminded myself that good feelings come after doing something, not before. And motivation comes after you start, not before. Often, anyways.

I'm just thinking about Newton's law of motion. What Millennials Can Learn About Motivation From Newton's Law Of Motion

An object that is still, stays still, and an object that is in motion, stays in motion, applies to us too. The more I do stuff and am in motion, the more I will continue to do stuff and stay in motion. For me that's usually the case, unless, I'm having an HSP moment, and need to bunker down hibernate in my room for a little while due to stress of what I encounter and the way I process it.

I agree with you and can relate, downandlonely, to having to be somewhere, where people are counting on you. Some kind of accountability. That's how I got myself to my language class that I just completed. I had support from someone. Which may be a little different. But I'd call her and tell her if I was struggling to go. Or I'd tell her after, that I went.
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