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Default Re: question is there any interest in having an integration forum board

Originally Posted by kecanoe View Post
I think there may be others interested: I would be. I don't get on this forum daily, but I would read and probably sometimes contribute. I think this group is small. I see that right now there are only 16 people on this forum, and only 3 who are not anonymous.

I know that I read the forums for a while before I started posting, and even though I wasn't posting, it was helpful.
thanks. I also see that there is interest in integration and having an integration board.

I can also understand those that are going through it and have integrated their alters feel like they need to stay anon to protect others that are not at this stage of healing.

unfortunately if no one else is willing to post on their integration issues then how does that show we want and need an integration board. it doesnt.

the request was done and doc john did his process and the determination at this time is no new board.

maybe some day there will be more than just Betty and I willing to put ourselves out there and post about integration issues so that there will be an integration board here like I have found on other websites.

again if anyone feels they would like an integration board just saying it is not going to get it. At this time there isnt enough postings in the general dissociation forum to warrant a new board for integration, if we need this new board we need to show we need it by posting about integration and our integration issues in the regular dissociative boards.
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